Real estate agents have their equal share of bashing from other players in the real estate business, and in most instances, they receive more than what they deserve. However, for most people who know how things come down in business, agents are acknowledged for their critical role in delivering market information.


It is essential that you observe caution when hiring a real estate agent to guide you through the transaction. You have to remember that these professionals are providing their services to earn a commission. Finding the right letting agency located in Leicester is a critical element of the entire process. This is the main reason why you need to be aware of several important tips so that you can avoid ending up with real estate agents with not-so-good intentions. Here are three essential requisites to consider when hiring real estate agent.

Do Not Hire A Relative

This may not be too obvious for most of us. A lot of people expect that family members will protect their interest more than any other person. On the contrary, your relationship with them may even be the source of problems. You have to remember that they will still work for you to earn a commission, and this will be their main motivation. As much as possible, you must avoid hiring a relative as your real estate agent. If things do not work out well, then you will find yourself in a tough situation of having to confront a family member, and this will seriously affect your relationship with them. You have to remember this basic rule – it is easier to fire a stranger than a family member.

Do Not Deal With Dual Agents

ZXCZXCZXCDual agency exist when real estate agents that belong to the same principal real estate firm represented both the buyer as well as the seller. There are even cases where one agent ends up representing both parties. The first condition may be as severe. However, the latter setup is a no-no in real estate transaction. This situation constitutes the conflict of interest, and you must not enter into a transaction where one agent represents both parties, regardless whether you are the seller or the buyer.

The Agent Is Not The Home Inspector

Having a real estate agent who goes the extra mile to point out structural issues on the property that you intend to buy is good. It is a clear indication that they are looking out for your interest, which is their primary responsibility. This gives you the calmness of mind that someone who has the experience when it comes to real estate properties is giving you guidance. Will you allow this kind of setup?

Regardless of the competency of your agent in home construction, you cannot possibly rely on him or her when it comes to these issues, as they are not qualified to provide such kind of service. If your agent insists that you do not need to hire the services of a qualified home inspector, then this means that you should begin looking for another real estate agent.