When it comes to limos, there are several types available depending on the size and also the appearance. It is important to take time and choose the right limo to for you. If you have never hired a limo, then you might not understand the different types of limos. The type of limo that you choose should complement the type of event that you are attending. For instance, a limo for a wedding party should be very different from a limo that is used for a bachelor party. KLSLA limousine service has a variety of limos available. Here are different types of a limo.

The different types of limo

Town car limo

A town car limo is the basic type of limo that is preferred by many people. A town car limo looks like a saloon car, but it is big. A town car limo can accommodate ten people, and it is preferred for families or groups of people. Town car limos are the least to hire because they are basic when it comes to furnishing and they are also small in size. If you are planning to hire a limo for the first time, then this is a great option for you.


Stretch limo

A stretch limo is a bigger version or car limo or SUV limo. The best thing with an SUV limo is the fact that it can accommodate 20 people. If you are planning to have a big group of people, then a stretch limo is the best option for you. With a stretch limo, there are additional entertainment options like television screens and a music system.

Limo buses

Just like the name suggests, limo buses are just like a bus regarding the shape and the size. A limo bus is the biggest when it comes to carrying a large number of people. A limo bus can accommodate up to 40 people, and this makes it suitable for corporate events or occasions where many people are required. Most of the limo buses come with all the entertainment options that you need on transits.


Hummer limo

A hummer limo is one of the luxuries limos that we have today. With a hummer limo, you get a good music system, a dance floor and everything that is required to host a party. The hummer limo is preferred for special occasions like a bachelor party and even the prom night.