There is a craze going on about vaping. Many e-cig shops are popping up around town. Even better, a few of your friends are into vaping. Should you jump into the ship of vaping and hope it is a worthy experience? Hold it there; there are things to know before you start vaping.

What are the risks?

Vaping is a relatively new stuff, and FDA does not even approve it. Not much of risks are yet known. But you can be sure of one thing; e-cig vapors contain nicotine so you will have to deal with addiction and withdrawal struggle if you are hooked to it. But if you can shake off the addiction; there will be less to worry about.beginners' guide to vaping

Can it substitute cigarette smoking?

Yes, you can get rid of cigarettes and turn into e-cigs. The good thing is that you can control the level of nicotine . Compared to cigarettes, vaping cuts off harmful smoke and you can be in control of the amount of nicotine you take. It is something you can put under your control and never have a problem with it.

Is it well for my health?

You cannot compare vaping to conventional smoking. It is much better than cigarettes. You no longer have to grapple with harmful smoke. With pure cannabinoids now available, you can get healthier and safer vaping fluids. What is for sure is that you are exposing yourself to fewer health risks than with cigarettes.

Will you smell?

You would want to know whether you would be all smelly. The good news is that vaping does not have any smell. E-liquids used are not heated to combustion levels, therefore, cutting out the smelly part. You can vape during your lunch break and get back to the office, and no one is going to notice.

Can I save on vaping?

You will initially spend a little bit more to buy your vaping kit and the first supply of e-liquids. This is only the time you will be spending much. Going forward, you will only spend on a refill of your e-lids. Compared to smoking cigarettes and weed, vaping is less expensive.

Is it legal?

You would not want to be on the long side of the law. That is why you should know whether this act is legal or not. Sorry to break this for you, vaping is not yet approved by both federal and health authorities. This is because vaping is relatively new in the world. It is not yet known what this could do to your health. Apart from the scanty data, so much is not known about this practice.

How do I start?

You should go shopping for the kind of flavor you want. You may have to make try-and-error approach until you find the best flavor. Here is a very informative guide on how to start vaping which can equip you with other important aspects of vaping.