Top of the hills, mountains as well as through forests, hiking is usually an adventurous trip to which you come close to nature. You need to pack all the necessary accessories for the trip including the hiking watch. Getting the best one will help you through the trip avoid getting lost while in the wild. The following are the features of the best hiking watches you need to look for.


thermometerThis is considered the most common features in any hiking watch, and it is used to tell the exact temperature of the place you are. For this reason, even the cheapest hiking watches come with a thermometer. You need to note that the watch has to tell the right temperature even when it is worn. Some of the hiking watches so not usually show the right temperature because of the temperature of your wrist so you will have to disband it and wait for a short while to get the exact temperature.


It is also an essential feature in hiking watches. The altimeter can help you see the altitude graph of the area. Its drawback, however, is that it will not give you a complete history of how you were a few moments ago.


Like the altimeter and the thermometer, a compass is also a vital feature for hiking watches. Without having a compass, you may never proceed to your desired location since every area is similar to the other. It may be magnetic or digital depending on the watch you choose.


Not every hiking watch comes with this feature. It is, however, a must feature in the best hiking watches since you do not want to forget your way back and up or get stuck in the middle of a mountain and forest with a threat of wild animals. Before choosing a hiking watch, you should select the best GPS hiking watches to ease your navigation, tracking getting your location coordinates.

Water resistant

When hiking you will be dealing with nature, and you can come across water streams, waterfalls or rain. So the hiking watch you buy must be water resistant be able to work smoothly throughout the trip lest you curse yourself later. If the watch stops working in the middle of the trip, then your adventurous trip can turn bitter.


durableThe hiking watches you purchase should be long-lasting and durable. These watches usually come with robust cases and durable straps of silicon or titanium. The best watches for hiking should also have sapphire glass which provides resistance to scratches.

It is crucial that you Review hiking watches before you purchase one. These are the essential features that you need to look out for to get the best hiking watch.