Pros and Cons Of Chain Link Fencing

The chain link is a type of cost effective fence that is today a popular solution for most homes, parks, manufacturing facilities and sports fields. Over the years chain link fence has had durability and quality which has led to its significant improvement. It has its limitations as well as advantages.

Pros of chain link fences



This fence type is a very cost-effective option available. It also does not require skills for installation and can be installed by a home owner easily. This means that installation cost is cut. Chain link fences also give many years of service hence serves as a lifetime investments thus saving you from renovation costs.

Minimal maintenance

This type of fence has resilient and hard wearing which means very minimal maintenance. Chain link fence is usually galvanized hence increasing its durability and ensuring it withstands long term exposure to elements making it. The chemical also protects your fence from rusting. These characteristics extend the life of your fence and reduce the need to invest money and time on fence maintenance.


This type of fence is favored to contain pets and small children easily. You can easily see through this fence thus gives you an option to check out activities going on in your back yard.


Chain link fence has a variety of appearance options and not just the galvanized and gray color. The appearance can be improved easily by using vinyl coated fences whose colors are either green or black. Other options are its ability to allow for the inclusion of wooden posts and rails in the fence.

Cons of chain link fences


For residential security, chain link fence is not the most practical choice. Most of these fences are normally at about four feet which are very easy for an intruder to climb over. You may choose to go for tall fences with a barbed wire placed at the top, but it does not give a desirable look. This can only be appropriate for industrial and manufacturing settings.


homesecurityleftasdfghjChain link fences are virtually see through. This cannot effectively stop people outside from seeing your property. You can, however, install slats on the fence to increase your level of privacy.

Overall, chain link fence is cost effective and reliable option to install around your property or home. It can be installed easily by the home owner, but professional is recommended since they give it long lasting, high quality finish.…